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About Us

Marquee Group of Companies’ mission is to provide properties of enduring value with modern accommodations, premium amenities and service oriented staff. Founded in 2000, Marquee Group of Companies believes in using superior design and finishes to develop a home away from home experience.

Our current properties include:

  • Hilton Garden Inn by Hilton in Oakville, Ontario
  • Holiday Inn Express by IHG in Riverport-Richmond, British Columbia
  • Marquee on 16th in Calgary, Alberta
  • Twelve Oaks by Marquee in Vancouver, British Columbia

The success of our group is due to our greatest asset, our people. We are committed to building long lasting relationships with our guests and exceeding expectations with depth, reliability and trust. Going forward, Marquee Group of Companies hopes to expand it’s portfolio to include: apartments, condominiums, hotels and resorts.

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