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Marquee On 16th| Summer Construction Update

Marquee Group has started construction on Marquee On 16th located in Calgary, Alberta. Marquee excavated the parkade roughly 10 metres (30 feet) underground. Pouring of the foundation slab was completed in September. We have a covered underground parking area with 98 spots.

Photo 2015-09-23, 4 22 23 PM

Photo 2015-07-28, 10 59 14 AM

Photo 2015-06-25, 11 49 58 AM

In February, the property reached three stories.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

Marquee is excited to share that as of July, the Marquee On 16th building exterior structure is complete and sits modestly at nine stories.


Now begins the task of finishing off the roof and waterproofing it. This process will occur with the use of coatings and membranes to ensure the protection of the contents inside as well as the structural integrity of the building.




In addition, you can also see from the pictures below that the Marquee On 16th suites are starting to take shape with interior framing, mechanical and electrical rough-ins well underway.




What are your thoughts of the project so far? More updates to come soon.



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